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Facial treatments

Beauty Basic

Cleansing, peeling, vapozon, removal of skin impurities, eyebrow correction, active ingredient ampoule, face & décolleté massage. 
With Scrubber (deep cleansing device): 89 € | 90 min. 

AquaFacial - Apparative facial treatment

This facial treatment is the secret of the radiant skin of high society. Fine pores and fresh smooth skin! With the help of an AquaFacial apparatus, this treatment method is suitable for all skin types. Experience a new super glow effect that appears on your skin.
139 € | 75 min.
5 treatments: instead of 695 € only 595 €
LED Facial Light Therapy per treatment: +20 €

Microdermabrasion - Facial Treatment

Microdermabrasion means a small abrasion of the skin. It is a modern method in which abrasive crystals remove the top layer of skin. The treatment can be used for acne, scars, fine wrinkles, pigment disorders, skin impurities, cornification and for general refinement of the skin's appearance. New skin cells are formed. By activating the skin's own collagen and elastin production, the skin's firmness increases. It becomes more elastic, the deeper wrinkles are minimised and the complexion appears more even and fresh. Suitable for all skin types.
99 € | 75 min.
5 treatments: instead of 495 € only 440 €
LED facial light therapy per treatment: +20 €


This intensive treatment with its concentrated cocktail of active ingredients (Boletus extract 1055, combined with other innovative active ingredients) stimulates those genes that are responsible for moisturising the skin. In five phases, the skin is also freed from impurities and supplely strengthened.
89 € | 75 min.

Eau Thermal Spa

A fountain of youth, extracted from pure thermal water. The treatment intensively moisturises your skin. The complexion becomes more radiant and silky soft.
85 € | 60 min.

Cleansing treatment

Deep cleansing for young and old. Consisting of facial cleansing, peeling (deep cleansing), vapozon, removal of skin impurities, healing mask (to regenerate the skin), including final care.
79 € | 60 min.

Face Infusion Vitamin C

The vitamin C formula focuses effectively on problem areas of the skin. The firming of the connective tissue is stimulated and moisture loss is stopped.
85 € | 60 min.

Collagene Hyaluronique

Intensive anti-age treatment with the exclusive Digi Esthétique massage method. Tailored to the individual skin's degree of ageing, with active ingredients that immediately combat the visible signs of ageing. The skin regains its youthful radiance.
94 € 

Secrets De Sothys Exellence

Luxury anti-age facial with exclusive anti-stress facial neck and décolleté massage method. It offers luxury and tranquillity, visibly transforming your skin and making it look younger.
109 € | 90 min. 

Caviar Royal Luxury Treatment

Caviar is both indulgence and luxury. An age-reducing treatment that becomes a feel-good experience for your skin and soul. Your cell metabolism and collagen fibres are stimulated and intensively moisturised. Good for dry, stressed skin in need of regeneration.
99 € | 75 min.

SOTHYS Organics

The perfect combination of organic skin care and increased effectiveness.
A complex of the organic plant active ingredients birch sap, hawthorn flower water and a retinol-like alfalfa extract reduces signs of tired skin and visibly smoothes facial features. It gives the complexion new radiance and freshness and is suitable for all skin types. For ladies and gentlemen!
89 € | 60 min.

Corrective treatment/acne treatment

Special treatment for impure skin. Pimples and impurities are effectively combated and sebum production normalised.
85 € | 60 min. 

Luxury men's facial treatment

High-quality revitalising treatment. A valuable active ingredient concentrate gives the skin a radiant and fresh appearance. Cleansing, peeling (deep cleansing), removal of skin impurities, active ingredient concentrate, Digi Esthtique massage, firming mask, day care and eyebrow correction.
89 € | 75 min. 

Men's facial treatment

Treatment & facial massage. Professional skin diagnosis, cleansing, peeling (deep cleansing), removal of skin impurities, active ingredient ampoule, facial massage, pack and day care.
85 € | 60 min.

Facial massage

Experience a relaxing and smoothing effect for your facial skin.
 49 € | 30 min.
Including décolleté massage: 55 € | 40 min.

Lymphatic drainage for the face

Artificial tissue pressure relieves congestion and stimulates the lymphatic flow. Ideal for eye circles, oedema, telangiectasia and couperose.
Single treatment: 69 € | 25 min. 
In combination with a facial treatment: 35 € 

Activ Contour / Special eye treatment

Intensive treatment of the eye area against wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles for decongestion and smoothing.
Single treatment: 45 € | 30 min.
In combination with a facial treatment: 25 €

AHA fruit acid treatment

This treatment shows its effectiveness after 3 treatments. An intensive treatment with fruit acid preparations for horny, pigment-spotted, mature skin. Refines your skin texture.
109 € | 60 min.

Beautiful eyes

  • Eyelash tinting: 15 €
  • Eyelash lifting with keratin including tinting: 69 €
  • Eyelash lifting without keratin including tinting: 59 €
  • Eyelash wave: 49 €
  • Eyebrow plucking: from 12 €
  • Eyebrow tinting: 13 €
  • Day make-up: 30 €
  • Evening make-up: 49 €
  • Eyelashes extreme lashes, extensions new: 159 €
  • Eyelash refills: from 59 €

Permanent Make-up

  • Eyebrows (hair drawing): from 450 €
  • Eyeliner (lash line): 230 €
  • Eyeliner (top or bottom): 250 €
  • Eyeliner (top and bottom): 450 €
  • Lip contour edging (with shading): 650 €
  • Lip contour edging (with full shading): 800 €

*All treatments including one touch-up


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