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Exterior view at night | Maritim Hotel Köln

Corona (more Info)

What precautions are taken

  • Increasing cleaning cycles in public areas and guest areas of hotels using detergents, disinfectants and disposable wipes
  • Hand disinfection stations throughout the hotel
  • Regular disinfection of reception desks, flushing buttons, light switches, door handles, taps, key cards, etc.
  • Information about the official hygiene and prevention tips in public area
  • Training of the employees regarding hygiene measures
  • Development and training of an action plan should a corona case occur in the hotel

At the end

We are aware that after two years of a pandemic that is still not completely over, the longed-for travel can still be associated with uncertainties. We at Maritim have gained a lot of experience in the past months and our sophisticated concepts have proven to work reliably. Therefore, we have done everything on our side to ensure that you can enjoy your stay with us to the fullest, safely and without worries. By being considerate of each other and respectful of each other, you can actively contribute to this. 

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