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Corona (more Info)

Your way through our hotels

Whether you enter our hotels from the garage or go directly to the lobby, disinfectants are now available at all stations you pass through and in sufficient quantities throughout the hotel.

Since in many federal states the wearing of a mouth and nose protection is obligatory also for guests, this utensil should not be missing in your suitcase. If yes, please 
contact reception and we will be happy to provide you with a face mask.

In the hotel lobby you will be guided by floor markings and asked to keep the known distance of 1.5 metres.

You and the team at the reception are protected by plexiglass panels so that your check-in and check-out is safe.

If you take the elevator to your room, please note that at the moment only between 1 and 4 people are allowed in the elevator at the same time, furthermore, turned towards the wall, which is indicated by floor markings. Although this saves you from having to look at each other in the elevator, it is certainly unfamiliar and requires discipline from all of us.


In all restaurants in Germany it is a rule that the choice of seat cannot be made independently and therefore we will be happy to accompany you to your table. Visitors are requested to fill in their name, room number and time on a preparatory form. Depending on the federal state, we must keep this document for three to four weeks and destroy it afterwards. This enables the authorities to trace contact persons should this become necessary. Guests who do not stay overnight, but visit the restaurant, must also leave their address. No matter which local restaurant you go to in the coming months in Germany, you will encounter this procedure everywhere.

Please be assured that we at Maritim take the protection of your data very seriously and use it exclusively for this purpose and destroy it professionally and immediately after the deadline.

luca App

Alternatively, feel free to use the luca app. With the luca app, you can easily document your presence in our restaurant electronically, as required by law.

What precautions are taken

  • Increasing cleaning cycles in public areas and guest areas of hotels using detergents, disinfectants and disposable wipes
  • Hand disinfection stations throughout the hotel
  • Regular disinfection of reception desks, flushing buttons, light switches, door handles, taps, key cards, etc.
  • Information about the official hygiene and prevention tips in public area
  • Training of the employees regarding hygiene measures
  • Avoid contact and maintain a safe distance in all hotel areas
  • Enlarging the distances between tables and seats in the restaurant
  • Enlargement of all distances in the event area
  • Development and training of an action plan should a corona case occur in the hotel

At the end

We are aware that the official orders mean changes for us all. When you travel, you want to experience something, relax or simply unwind after work. All this is also possible if we make it possible together. You as our guests are the reason and purpose of our daily work. Your well-being is close to our hearts and only by acting prudently can we all protect ourselves from a situation that is new, that is there and will remain there for the foreseeable future and that we take seriously out of responsibility for ourselves, our families, friends and fellow human beings.

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