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Frequently asked questions about the MyMaritim programme

MyMaritim is the loyalty and bonus programme of the Maritim Hotels, with which you can collect and redeem points on your bookings via and receive numerous other benefits. 

You are welcome to register on our homepage or during your booking at 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate in the programme without an email address. 

A membership with MyMaritim is worthwhile from the very first day! Immediately after signing up, you will have access to the best accommodation rates and receive a welcome gift of 1,000 points, which you can redeem directly on your next booking. In addition, you will benefit from three different status levels which, depending on the number of nights you stay per year, will give you even more exclusive benefits. You can find all the details in the MyMaritim programme overview.

No, the membership of MyMaritim is completely free of charge.

You can collect and redeem points when booking at For every full 1 € turnover, you will receive 3, 5 or 7 points after departure, depending on your membership status. From the very first point, you can have your credit credited in part or in full directly in the booking process. You can enjoy all other status-linked benefits at all Maritim Hotels throughout Germany.  

When you register, the system will automatically provide you with your personalised membership number, which you can use in future to enjoy your benefits at or in our hotels. In view of our ProEnvironment initiative, we save resources and do not issue a plastic card.

Every booking of a German Maritim hotel via the Maritim website and the Maritim reservation centre in Darmstadt is eligible for points, both in the open and closed user area. This applies to all rates published there, including hotel offers. This also applies to call-off allotments that are posted on the Maritim website for a group or event and from which bookings are made. However, discounted rates eligible for points are exclusively in the closed user area.


At any time via the member area on the Maritim website and via status emails, which you will receive automatically after a corresponding transaction after departure.

No, this is not possible in the current technical version. However, you will receive an overview of your current points balance and status on your email confirmation. In addition, you will receive further emails if you have collected points (each credited after departure), if you have reached a new status (also after departure), if you fall to a lower status (one year after last collection date) or if points are about to expire (after two years from collection date).

Yes, this is possible in several cases: 

  • Once you receive 1,000 points as a welcome bonus for registering with MyMaritim. 
  • If you have entered your birthday in the membership area on the MyMaritim website, you will receive
    Blue Member:              500 points
    Gold Member:          1,000 points
    Platinum Member: 1,500 points
    as a birthday present. 
  • You also get points when you move from one status to the next by the number of nights you stay. 
    Blue to Gold:          1,500 points
    Gold to Platinum: 2,500 points
  • All other points can only be collected when booking via the Maritim website.

As a MyMaritim member, when you book a German Maritim hotel via the Maritim website, you collect the following points for each full euro of turnover, depending on your status:

Blue Member:          Per 1 Euro = 3 points
Gold Member:          Per 1 Euro = 5 points
Platinum Member: Per 1 Euro = 7 points

The points will be credited to you after your departure.

The following rates do not count as qualifying rates:

  • The room was not booked directly through the Maritim website or Maritim Service Centre Reservation, but through a third party provider such as travel agents, tour operators including Maritim Hotel Travel Service, group tour operators, online travel platforms, Global Distribution Systems and other external channels. 
  • Travel Industry rates for employees of the travel industry including crew rates
  • Journalist rates
  • Special rates for retailers and suppliers
  • Rates for employees, family and friends (Staff Rates, Family & Friends)

No, this is not possible in the current technical version.

Yes, you can collect points for a maximum of three rooms within one booking. However, as a MyMaritim member, you must stay in one of the three rooms yourself. 

No, you have to register first in order to participate in the points programme.

Yes. You will receive your new points balance by email directly after your departure or you can view it in your MyMaritim member account. 

The points will be credited directly after the stay. Should this not be the case, please write an email to and attach the hotel invoice.

In the MyMaritim member area on the Maritim website. 

The MyMaritim points collected are valid for 24 months from the time they are credited to the points account. After this period, they expire without replacement.
Example: You have collected 500 points on 1 May 2022, these expire on 1 May 2024. The expired points are automatically deleted from the MyMaritim member account.

You can see how many of your MyMaritim points will expire first and on which date at any time on the "welcome page" in your MyMaritim member account. In addition, you will receive a notification in your personal e-mail inbox at least six weeks before the relevant date that points may expire, so that you can have the opportunity to redeem the points in good time.

One accumulated point credit is equal to one cent when redeemed. Points can be redeemed at any time from the first point with no minimum balance for each booking via, on the last screen before the booking is completed. 

Every time you make a booking as a logged-in MyMaritim member at or at our Maritim Service Center Reservations (phone +49 (0) 6151 905-760,, service hours Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), you have the option of redeeming your accumulated points directly in the booking process. The "oldest" points are always used first so that, in the best case, points do not expire. The booking must have been made by the date of the points expiry, the travel period can of course be later, ideally within the next 12 months.

Yes, paid cancellation fees will be credited retrospectively. Please send the cancellation invoice to

Redeemed points will be credited back to the member's account in the event of a cancellation and will retain their original validity from the date of collection. 

The expiry date of the points remains the same even in case of cancellation and re-credit. If a cancellation is made after the regular expiry date, the points in question will not be re-credited, as they will have automatically expired by the deadline.

No, the points expire automatically and without replacement 24 months after the collection date.

No, a cash payment is not possible.

Yes, in all German Maritim Hotels. Early check-in from 12 midday, late check-out until 4 p.m. for Gold and Platinum subject to availability and on request.

At after logging in to MyMaritim.

  • Blue: 0 to 9 nights per person
  • Gold: 10 to 29 nights per person
  • Platinum: from 30 overnight stays per person

in each case in the period of one year after the registration date.

Yes, one year after reaching the respective status if no bookings or too few bookings have been made. The new status is calculated according to the number of overnight stays achieved in the previous year. However, you are always guaranteed Blue status as part of an active membership.

The decisive factor is the number of overnight stays within one Membership year from the date of registration that are required for the respective status.

Immediately after the stay that qualifies for the new status based on the number of overnight stays achieved, the status change takes place. Subsequent stays are scored according to the new status. If the required number of status nights for the status change is reached within a stay of several days, the previous status at arrival still applies for this entire stay.

If the number of nights achieved after 12 months of obtaining the status is between 10 and 29, you will be a Gold member for the next 12 months, below 10 nights you will be a Blue member.

Please give yourself a new password in the members' login area on the Maritim website.

Yes, at any time in the member area. It is important that you make changes yourself that are required for your identification in the programme. For example, if your surname has changed or there have been changes to the additional data you have entered. Only the email address cannot be changed independently and directly. 

The best way is via email to, via telephone from Monday to Friday on + 49 (0) 6151 905-760 or you can fill in the corresponding contact form in the member area. 

Membership of MyMaritim expires automatically after 24 months of inactivity. A special cancellation is not necessary. 

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