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Places of interest

Magdeburg is the "Otto" city. The history of Saxony-Anhalt's capital has been shaped by two famous men named Otto: Kaiser Otto the Great and Otto von Guericke.

In its chequered past, the 1,200 year old city on the Elbe experienced not only destruction, but periods of glory time and again. These marks characterise the multi-facetted image of the city today. Remnants of architectural witnesses to the stylistic epochs remind us of the former glory and richness of this former imperial city.


Not least on account of the beauty of the monastery "Unser Lieben Frauen" the regional capital of Saxony-Anhalt is referred to fondly as the pearl in the "Romanic Road". Besides the monastery and various churches from this time, it is the hallmark Magdeburg Cathedral above all that characterises the historical image of the city.



  • There is much to offer for every age and interest such as the Cultural History Museum which displays many exhibits on the history of Magdeburg and its region
  • Another attraction is the Art Museum in the Monastery of Our Lady which is home to an impressive exhibition featuring 20th century sculptures
  • Always worth a visit is the Lukasklause which hosts the Otto von Guericke Museum dedicated to the life and work of the famous Lord Mayor of Magdeburg and scientist
  • In the 1990s the new Museum of Technology was founded, yet another highlight of the Magdeburg museum scene

City tours

Join in from April to October on a guided tour of the Elbe metropolis or bus tour to explore the many sights and attractions of Magdeburg and its region.

Tip of advice: Every day at 11 a.m. a guided tour starts from the Tourist-Information on Ernst-Reuter-Allee 12 taking approximately two hours. No prior booking is necessary since it is a public guided tour which you are welcome to join.



With more than 2.5 sqm of sales area per resident, Magdeburg has proven to be the number one in Germany in terms of sales floor space. The city has become a modern metropolis with much to offer its residents and visitors alike such as easy accessibility and short distances to shopping facilities.

If you feel like shopping, take a stroll along Magdeburg's traditional shopping boulevards Breiter Weg und Ernst-Reuter-Allee or visit the many shops in the districts of Neustadt and Sudenburg as well as the weekly markets.

Zoological Garden

For more than 50 years the zoo has been one of the most beautiful and best loved picnic destinations in Magdeburg. It offers various possibilities for recreation, education and leisure. With its 950 animals from 185 species, it presents a variety of species ranging from the penguin to the elephant. In recent years the zoo has become even more wonderful with several new attractions. The giraffe house is the beginning, and many new constructions have been added. A special attraction for the public are the Humboldt penguins, which are the favourites of young visitors especially. In recent years, new magnets to draw crowds have been added in the form of the human ape house, the spacious tiger sanctuary, snow leopard range and the lions' den.

Opening hours:
In summer daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
In Winter daily from 9 a.m. till darkness sets in



The Elbauenpark is the best leisure attraction in Saxony-Anhalt.

The park's main attractions:

  • The Millennium Tower: A unique exhibition covering 6,000 years of human history
  • The Play and Project House: An open house for children aged 0-14. Here, children can simply do what they like, but can also join in projects, paint and do crafts. What's special about the House is the idea of participation as the key factor, and the fact that much of the building was planned together with the children.
  • The theme gardens: 14 gardens designed on a wide variety of themes
  • The Panorama Train: A monorail that takes you on a 3 km trip through the park
  • The Lake Stage: Open-air stage with 1,600 seats for events
  • The summer toboggan run: A metal toboggan run 400 metres long
  • The ramparts: Numerous climbing and recreational opportunities for families and children
  • The Butterfly House: 200 exotic butterflies in a single building
  • The sports area: Playing fields for football, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball and basketball
  • The climbing tower: Climb the 25-metre high "Großer Angerfelsen"
  • The maze: A labyrinth of hedges and trellises

Opening times:
March: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
April: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
May to August: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
September and October: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
November to February: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Opening times may vary if events are held.

Theater Magdeburg


You will be spellbound by the variety of glamorous theatres which Magdeburg has to offer. The city is home to the theatre Magdeburg, the opera house and the "Schauspielhaus" as well two cabarets and the Magdeburg Puppet Theatre which has emerged as one of the best puppet theatres in Germany. In the summer months, the many open air events are well worth visiting. One of the uncontested summer highlights, however, is the unique Buckauer Court Spectacle, an open air performance with a mixture of drama and puppets, music and dance.


Do you wish to enjoy top-class political cabaret and stand up comedy? In Magdeburg you can choose between two renowned stages offering an excellent repertoire:

  • The "Magdeburg Zwickmühle"
  • "Prolästerrat"

Events in Magdeburg

Pyro Games in the Elbauenpark

10th August 2024

Experience fireworks with a difference - prizewinning pyrotechnicians battle for the Fireworks Championship Cup with pyro-musicals they have created especially for the evening event. Unique fireworks and laser displays light up the evening sky.

14th Kaiser Otto Festival – a medieval spectacle

3rd to 6th October 2024

The Kaiser Otto Festival has been enchanting and delighting countless visitors for many years. Enjoy an experience for the whole family at sites in Magdeburg that are steeped in history. All around the Domplatz (Cathedral Square), the city becomes a Medieval metropolis, like in the days of Otto the Great.

Magdeburger Weihnachtsmarkt

Magdeburg Christmas Market

25th November to 29th December 2024

Attractive, colourful, magical – these are all words one could use to describe the Christmas Market of the regional capital Magdeburg. Against the unique backdrop of the historic Town Hall with the world-famous "Magdeburger Reiter" (Magdeburg Horseman), the scent of toasted almonds, candy floss and mulled wine lures visitors and locals alike to take a stroll through one of Germany's most beautiful Christmas markets.

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