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Maritim Hotel Bad Wildungen

Phone: +49 (0) 5621 799-9,

Beauty & Wellness

Escape the stresses of everyday life and treat yourself and your body to some time out in a unique environment.
And where better for this than the maritim spa & beauty care centre, which boasts a natural and verdant setting despite its central location.. And for a healthy snack at any time, just take a short break and choose from the menu in the spa lounge.

Opening times

Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.
Sundays and holidays by appointment.


We use high quality products made from natural raw materials. Skin and wellness care products: 

  • Babor - ask for more
  • Kurland - With the power of nature 
  • Allpresan - Healthy skin. Healthy me 
  • LCN - Competence in beauty

All products are also available for your home care. 

maritim spa & beauty care isn't just for those fortunate enough to be staying at the hotel. Visitors are more than welcome.
Those requiring more information or wishing to make a reservation please feel free to contact via E-Mail to


Well-deserved massage, exclusive head-to-toe pampering or regenerative whole-body application - choose the wellness experience that best suits your needs.


Thalasso is derived from the Greek "thalassa – the ocean", which is a natural wonder in itself. This fantastic source supplies minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Thalasso treatments open up a world of highly concentrated effective ingredients, which have an anti-inflammatory, purging, detoxifying and mineralising effect. Recommendable for reducing stress, for increasing well-being, with rheumatic diseases, muscular tension, general exhaustion, insomnia and to support purging and weight reduction. Experience skin care as a relaxing beauty ritual which raises your physical and emotional well-being.



The term Wellness, was mentioned for the first time in 1654 in a monography by Sir A. Johnson as "wealnesse – good health", based on the term "well being". Since the beginning of the 1990s, the term "wellness" has also increased in popularity in Germany. Wellness treatments increase the physical and emotional well-being and have a caring as well as regenerating effect on the skin.


Ayurveda is the science of life; it is one of mankind's oldest healing methods. In the traditional Indian art of healing, all aspects of life are considered. The holistic demand on body, soul and spirit let the life energies – the "Doshas" – flow. The task of the traditional Indian art of healing is to harmonise the body, soul and spirit thereby enabling a long and fulfilling life.

For example

We are more than happy to accommodate any package/service combinations you wish to create.

  • Aroma back massage
    Relaxing oil massage. Lasts approx. 25 minutes>
    Price per person: 30 €
  • Foot and calf massage
    Beneficial and caring oil massage. Lasts approx. 25 minutes
    Price per person: 30 €
  • Aroma whole body massage
    Oil massage for the body. Lasts approx. 55 minutes
    Price per person: 58 €
  • LavaShell
    Relaxing Venus shell massage of the body. Lasts approx. 80 minutes
    Price per person: 105 €
  • Abhyanga
    Ayurveda body massage with warm oil. Lasts approx. 60 minutes
    Price per person: 65 €
  • Sea salt body peeling
    Lasts approx. 25 minutes
    Price per person: 32 €
  • Goat's butter cream body wrap
    Lasts approx. 25 minutes
    Price per person: from 32 €
  • Algae mud body wrap TriActif in a SoftPack
    Lasts approx. 25 minutes
    Price per person: 38 €
  • Babor Sea salt oil bath
    Lasts approx. 20 minutes
    Price per person: 29 €
  • Babor Classic
    basic treatment, for every skin type. Purifying, cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, wrap, massage and final care. Lasts approx. 60 minutes
    Price per person: 59 €
  • Vital manicure 
    Nail bath, Nail trimming and filing into shape, cuticle grooming, peeling treatment and moisturising mask with massage Lasts approx. 55 minutes
    Price per person: 59 €
  • Vital pedicure
    Foot bath, foot and nail care, peeling as well as foot wrap with massage. Lasts approx. 70 minutes
    Price per person: 68 €

Selection of our pampering packages

  • Wellness taster
    Back/neck massage, face massage. Duration approx. 50 minutes
    Price per person: 58 €
  • Beauty Vital
    Facial treatment, hand peeling, cream body pack, back/neck massage, vital drink. Duration approx. 100 minutes.
    Price per person: 102 €
  • Ayurveda dreamtime
    Abhyanga (intensive gentle oil massage of the whole body, relaxing and calming) and Mukabhyanga (extensive and intensive head and face massage). Lasts approx. 80 minutes
    Price per person: 98 €
  • Ayurvedic pampering time
    Garshan (dry massage of the body), Abhyanga, Mukabhyanga and Shirodhara (application of warm oil to forehead). Lasts approx. 115 minutes
    Price per person: 140 €
  • Perfect body
    On the first day: 1 x body peel, 1 x refreshing body wrap, 1 x relaxing back massage, 1 x SoftPack relaxation session
    On the second day: 1 x Ayurvedic face and head massage, 1 x SoftPack relaxation session
    On the third day: 1 x hand massage with moisturising hand mask, 1 x foot massage with moisturising foot mask
    Duration: 3 days
    Price per person: 155 €
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