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Tourist attractions

The bathing resort and spa town of Albena lies on the coast of the Black Sea in northeastern Bulgaria – only about 30 km north of Varna and the city of Dobrich. With its 3.5 km long, 150 m wide fine sandy beach, crystal-clear seawater and numerous attractions and sports facilities, Albena is an ideal holiday destination for families with children.

Baltata Natural Reserve

Covering an area of 183.2 hectares, the Baltata Natural Reserve extends along the Batovska river valley and is one of Bulgaria's most beautiful protected reserves. Over 250 different plant species grow in this forest, including many that are under threat of extinction. It is also home to 183 species of bird and 35 species of animal. The nature reserve is freely accessible – although certain rules must be complied with – and has information boards all about the fauna and flora.

Aquamania Aquapark

If action, fun and entertainment are your thing, the Aquamania Aquapark – opened in 2014 – is the answer. With 11 water slides over an area of 30,000 sqm the park has something for everyone, young and old. A special feature is the 77-metre long vertical "FreeFall" flume, where you can reach an acceleration of up to 65 km/h! Smaller visitors who prefer something with less adrenalin can enjoy 4 play areas and 2 paddling pools.



This small harbour town on the Black Sea, just 18 minutes from Albena, is worth a trip not just because of its history, but because of the "Dvoreca" (palace) with surrounding Botanical Garden. This former summer residence of the Rumanian Queen Maria Alexandrina Viktoria de Edinburgh houses numerous finds from the days when the city was under Rumanian rule. But its garden is also world-famous. After Monaco, the Botanical Garden is the only one in the world containing a unique collection of large cacti and succulents.


Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery is just 20 minutes from Albena, dramatically positioned halfway up a 40-metre cliff. The former cave monastery was dug out of the soft, chalky stone layers in two levels one above the other, and today is one of the country's most popular attractions. In summer, in particular, lovers of history and mysticism are drawn by its spell.

Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra is one of Europe's most beautiful and historic headlands. A good 50 minutes from Albena, it is a popular stop-off point for tourists interested in places of beauty and a fascinating history. The fortress was used successively by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians. According to legend, the fortress guarded the treasure chambers of Lyzimah, Alexander the Great's successor. Today, the small museum is home to many remains from these ancient settlements. There, you can also read the legend about several Bulgarian girls who chose to jump from the high cape into the sea and to die to avoid being captured and converted to Islam by the Turks.

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