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Tenerife Event Calendar

Spend your holidays on the north side of the Island of Eternal Spring and get to know the place and its people up close and personal. Delve into the Canarian culture and learn from the "Canarios" how to party Tenerife-style! Here are a few tips for planning your trip:

Day of the Cross (Día de la Cruz)

3rd of May 2018

Celebrate a very special religious holiday, visit the uniquely decorated crucifix and witness one of Europe’s best fireworks displays in Los Realejos after the sun sets.

Puerto in Mueca fever

May 2018

The Mueca festival is a multifaceted open-air event spread over the entire city. Be it cultural performances, live music or breathtaking acrobatics – top notch artists captivate and enthral visitors with spellbinding acts. It goeswithout saying that many of the antics are highly amusing!

Tenerife Walking Festival

22nd till the 26th of May 2018

People from all over Europe meet up to discover the island’s picturesque landscape on foot. Be it a walk along the coastline, up the volcano, or a wander through the tropical greenery of the Anaga national park – there’s a hiking route to meet every taste!

Romeros Procession (Paseo Romero)

30th of May 2018

Clad in their traditional garments, the procession of the Romeros is just the thing to enhance your stay on Tenerife with unique folklore, Canarian cuisine and good wines.

Tenerife Blue Trail

9th of June 2018

Choose the route you want to conquer and push yourself to the limit along one
of the island’s mountainous trails. A great chance for running enthusiasts to find out how far they’re willing to leave the pain barrier behind them!

Puerto street Market

May/June 2018

Spread over several streets in the centre of Puerto, the diversity of this market makes it a magnet: be it fresh produce, modern fashion or trendy interior decorating items, you’re sure to find one or two bargains! Canarian music helps visitors get into the swing of things.

Blossoming Puerto de la Cruz

26th till the 30th of June 2018

Fresh fragrances, a kaleidoscope of colour – this is a floral festival not to be
missed! The city's residents open their gardens and public places showcase a sea of hues and horticulture. The visual impact is enhanced with traditional music and regional products.

St John's Day (La Fiesta de San Juan)

22nd till the 24th of June 2018

What better place could there be to welcome the summer than on a beautiful
beach? The festivities surrounding midsummer (Fiestas del Sol) on St John's Day are a very special attraction and are celebrated by way of traditional dining, local music and large bonfires.

International jazz festival

July 2018

Sponsored by Heineken, the annual Canarias Jazz & Más has gained a huge
international following over the course of the last quarter century. Savour the
top live jazz acts that travel to perform in Puerto de la Cruz every summer.

More about the Jazz-Festival

Puerto de la Cruz beer festival (Fiesta de Cerveza)

August 2018

A Bavarian tradition in the south of Europe? A great way to combine some of the best brews with a beautiful backdrop. It goes without saying that the beer is accompanied with brass music and bratwurst!

Nativity re-enactment in Tigaiga

25th of December 2018

The Christmas story under palms: Every year in December, the local residents in Tigaiga – a village close to Los Realejos – re-enact the birth of Jesus. Be a part of it!

Three Wise Men Festival

5th of January 2019

In Spain, Christmas presents are brought by the Three Wise Men. Witness the excitement as the children celebrate the arrival of the Wise Men with their procession and magnificent floats.

Carnival (Carnaval)

24th February till the 10th of March 2019

Second in size only to Rio de Janeiro, the carnival held on Tenerife is one of the world’s largest. Colourful costumes and irresistible rhythms fill the streets to create an unparalleled fiesta. Take part in the ostentatious processions and entertaining festivals in Puerto de la Cruz and the surrounding area.

Easter (Semana Santa)

14th till the 22nd of April 2018

You’d like to experience the unique traditions and community culture during the Easter holidays on Tenerife? The most beautiful Passion Plays and Easter processions are held in the island’s north.


The largest island in the Canary archipelago, Tenerife is situated 300 km west of Africa and around 1,300 km from the Spanish mainland. The island's diverse landscape reflects the various climates that can be experienced from one part of the island to the next - and the natural beauty is appreciated by nature lovers, active holidaymakers and families alike. Craggy cliffs rising from the ocean, beaches of fine, coloured sands, mountainous desert landscapes overlooking luscious green valleys, quaint secluded villages and pulsating harbour cities - it's all here just waiting to be discovered.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

With approximately 222,000 inhabitants Santa Cruz de Tenerife is not only the island's capital but also Tenerife's largest city. Many decide to explore the impressive old town with its many landmarks and attractions on foot, making regular detours into the many air conditioned stores or enticing cafes. The city's busy harbour also draws many visitors.

El Teide

The impressive height of 3,718 m makes Mount Teide not only the tallest mountain in all of Spain, it also makes it the largest formation rising from the Atlantic and the largest peak in the European Union that isn't part of the Alps. A cable car goes almost all of the way to the top, an area that is often covered in snow despite the island's mild year round climate. Needless to say, the view from the peak is simply breathtaking and always worth the trip. Surrounding the mountain is the 'Parque Nacional del Teide y de las Cañadas' (World Heritage Site and National Park) - a must for nature lovers.

Masca Canyon

The Barranco de Masca is perfect for hiking enthusiasts wanting to discover the Teno mountains. Those more enthusiastic about the view of the canyon than hiking to a vantage point can see it from the car when driving from Buenavista del Norte.

Las Teresitas

Not far from Santa Cruz, behind the quaint village of San Andrés, a 2 km stretch of sandy beach known as Las Teresitas awaits. The light coloured sands are imported and have been added atop the darker volcanic sands found elsewhere on the island. A popular spot for relaxing and working on the holiday tan.

Loro Parque

Covering 125,000 sq.m., the spacious enclosures and landscaped grounds of the Loro Parque parrot park located on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz have made it famous around the world. In addition to being the largest collection of parrots on the planet, the park also has an aquarium with a viewing tunnel, over 200 penguins of varying subspecies and many other zoological and botanical attractions.

Jardin Botánico

The south-east part of Puerto de la Cruz is home to the Jardin Botánico - a botanical garden that literally traces its roots back over two centuries. Covering approximately 25,000 sq.m., it includes shady oases of tranquillity, lots of exotic flowers and fruit trees from all over the globe and a large pond that is home to various plants, water lilies and turtles.

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