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Ulm Tent Festival

24th May to 8th July 2017

The "Ulm Tent Festival" in Friedrichsau park has been held every summer since 1987. German and international artistes give concerts of rock, pop, blues and jazz, as well as comedy, dance and variety shows.

Ulm Funfair

14th to 24th July 2017

The Ulm Funfair is one of the oldest 30 funfairs in the whole of Germany, with roots going back to 1429, when Kaiser Sigismund granted Ulm citizens the right to hold a large fair. Today, it is the largest funfair in a 30-mile radius around Ulm - and there's a new attraction every year!

Serenade of Lights

22nd July 2017

Every year on the Saturday before Oath Monday, when the Mayor swears an oath to uphold the city's Constitution, some 5,000 candle-lit lanterns are launched onto the River Danube from boats as dusk falls. The Danube is set ablaze to become a glorious sea of light. Later on, columns of water from fire hoses, illuminated in colour, and flamboyant flares from Roman candles light up the Danube and the sky above.

Ulm Oath Monday with "Nabada" water parade

24th July 2017

At the Nabada (which means "swimming down the river" in local dialect), 30 river ferries and boats parade downstream, bearing creative and painstakingly produced caricatures of high-ranking politicians or local current events. They are joined by thousands of locals in sometimes foolhardy home-made constructions, which "swim down" the Danube. From 3 p.m. at the latest until far into the night, the whole of Ulm is out and about, celebrating all over the city with music and a great variety of gastronomic delights.