Maritim Hotel Schnitterhof Bad Sassendorf

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Maritim Hotel Schnitterhof Bad Sassendorf

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Beauty & Wellness

The mining of salt in Bad Sassendorf for both consumption and therapeutic usage dates back over a thousand years and the region remains a refuge of relaxation and rejuvenation to this day. Nestled in the lap of a centuries old cultural landscape, it has evolved into a tranquil sanctuary for harmony and health, culture and creativity.


A wide range of facilities and offers that strengthen the health, and not least the natural remedies of brine and peat are the most important bases for a holiday which does you good! Experience "schilling wellness beauty" - Wellness, cosmetics and massages!

Place yourself in the good, qualified hands of our experienced Ms. Schilling – "YES...something for me" - , and see for yourself the special ambiance of wellbeing, and the applications and treatments that are individually suited to your needs.


We work with high quality products from Maria Galland and Ayurveda aroma oils.

Opening times

Appointments can be arranged with pleasure at the time of making the hotel booking through the reception staff. But also, if you are not staying overnight in the hotel, Ms. Schilling will be happy to spoil you.


Soothing Ayurveda massages, classic massages, exclusive care programmes ... "Yes...something for me" - choose your own personal wellness experience.

Excerpts from our services

Ayurveda massages

Ayurveda for harmonisation of the body energies – the knowledge of long and healthy life.

This massage is practiced with pure natural oils suitable for the particular type of condition. To counteract a state of stress and tension. The treatments are carried out in silence.

  • Abhyanga whole body massage, lasts 75 minutes with time for mindful rest ... ensures deep relaxation
    Price per person: 65 €
  • Shakti-Dewi, lasts 40 minutes with time for mindful rest ... head, face, shoulder and neck massage ... inner anxiety and tensions are released
    Price per person: 35 €
  • Namaste, lasts 35 minutes with time for mindful rest 
    ... relaxing back massage, enables you to experience deep calm and relaxation
    Price per person: 35 €
  • Aroma massage Be spoiled with scented aroma oils
    Price per person: 30 € for 30 minutes, 59 € for 60 minutes

Detox and energy body treatment, Thalasso dream and so on ...

  • Soin Mille Lumiere, lasts 90 minutes The champagne of the treatments.. An optimum in aura and anti-aging effect: Firming, regeneration and reduction of wrinkles in your skin, incl. two masks
    Price per person: 115 €
  • Sixty minutes specific care for my face
    Cleaning, peeling, active substance concentrate, eyebrow correction, face, neck and decolleté massage, mask, final care - the products are selected to match your skin type –
    Price per person: 62 €

We would be pleased to advise you and put together your personal pampering programme in line with your individual wishes.


Time to treat yourself to some relaxation and rejuvenation?

Bath in beneficial brine or seek out the sauna when it suits. Located right on the spa parklands and fed by their own brine source, we have to admit we're pretty proud of our saltwater springs. A constant 33°C, the medicinal properties of the water unfold to cradle you as your troubles float away. Relax in the grotto and breathe in the invigorating salty air.

Or get into the swing of things with some underwater gymnastics. However you decide to relax, we've got the infrastructure and services to ensure you do it in style.

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