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Munich Summer Nights' Dream

29th July 2017

The big firework spectacular with musical concerts is being held in Munich's Olympiapark for the 13th time.


16th September to 3rd October 2017

The cry of "O'zapft is!" ("It's tapped") opens the world's largest funfair. Every year, thousands of visitors converge on the Theresienwiese in Munich. Around 95 catering businesses provide cuisine from all over the globe - and of course, no one should miss out on a "Maß" (litre glass) of beer!

Long Night of Museums

14th October 2017

Munich's cultural zenith is the "Long Night of Museums". Form 7 p.m. until 2 a.m., visitors have plenty of time to explore the city's numerous museums. Shuttle buses ferry people between the most important exhibition spaces. Numerous events throughout the Long Night ensure plenty of variety...