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500 years of Reformation

Throughout his life, Martin Luther resided in numerous German cities. From Eisleben to Erfurt and Magdeburg, from Heidelberg to Weimar, Wittenberg and Eisenach to name but a few. On the occasion of the "500 years of Reformation" anniversary, these and further cities are commemorating the Reformation. The city of Magdeburg also played a decisive role in Luther's life story.

All of Germany to celebrate 31 October 2017

The start of the Reformation is generally deemed to date back to 31 October 1517, when the theologian Martin Luther is said to have nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg.

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of this event, this day has been declared a public holiday in Germany.

Accompany us and follow in Luther's footsteps

Several important milestones in Luther's life took place in Magdeburg:


Visit the school for the "Brethren of the Common Life"(near the Fürstenwall promenade)


 Residence at the Augustinian Monastery

24th Juni 1524 

Breakthrough for the Reformation, Magdeburg becomes the first Reformed city in Germany

24th and 26th Juni 1524 Luther preaches at Magdeburg's Augustinian Church (today's Walloon Church)
17th Juli 1524         First Lutheran service
1555       Religious Peace of Augsburg: legal recognition of the Lutherans
1562 and 1567

The Archbishop and numerous Canons convert to Protestantism – subsequently, half of Europe joins the
Reformation movement


 Emil Hundrieser erects the bronze Luther Monument at St John's Church.
Three years later, a pedestal is added with the inscription "God's word with us into eternity"

Places of interest in Magdeburg and environs

Area Map MagdeburgExperience the Reformation first hand at the historic locations. Many locations frequented by Luther are only a few minutes away from the Maritim Hotel Magdeburg and can conveniently be reached on foot or with public transport.

In Magdeburg

  • Cultural History Museum: approx. 500 m
  • Magdeburg Cathedral approx. 700 m
  • St John's Church and Martin Luther Monument: approx. 1 km
  • Fürstenwall promenade with City Gate: approx. 1.2 km
  • Walloon Church: approx. 1.6 km

Tip: Special exhibition "Gegen Kaiser und Papst" (Against Emperor and Pope) at the Magdeburg Cultural History Museum:

Immerse yourself in life at the time of the city's Reformation in the 16th Century, which will be impressively revealed to you through paintings, artworks and everyday objects. Furthermore, original eyewitness accounts, pamphlets and broadsheets as well as woodcuts and engravings serve to illustrate the struggle over the Christian faith.

Nearby sites of Lutheran interest

  • Museum at Luther's parental home in Mansfeld: approx. 73 km
  • Luther city of Eisleben: approx. 83 km
  • Luther city of Wittenberg: approx. 86 km

Many cities in Germany have prepared for the big anniversary in the form of spectacular celebrations and fascinating exhibitions. The cities of Berlin, Eisenach and Wittenberg will be the highlights of the event with special exhibitions for the Reformation anniversary 2017.

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