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Events in Cologne

Cologne has a wide selection of cultural events, festivals and events, not to mention its nightlife, bars, pubs and discos.

Few other cities in Germany have a comparable range of entertainment on offer, which means that the real challenge is how much you can fit into one day or evening.   

Cologne Christmas Markets

27th November to 23rd December 2017

The Cologne Christmas Markets - from "traditional" to the harbour market - ensure a festive mood during Advent. We would like to describe some of them to you here:

Christmas Market at the Heumarkt (Haymarket) directly next to the Maritim Hotel in Cologne

The "Heinzelmännchen" (Elves of Cologne) open their historic Christmas Market in Cologne's Old Town. The hard-working little elves at Heumarkt and Alter Markt have had some great ideas for imbuing Cologne with Christmas spirit. The fairytale setting is also the scenery for a spectacular ice-skating adventure world.

Christmas Market at Cologne Cathedral

The best known and most attractive Christmas Market is held in a fabulous location in front of Cologne's landmark Cathedral. A gigantic Christmas tree springs up in the middle of the market - the highest natural Christmas tree in North Rhine-Westphalia, at 25 metres. Live performances take place at the foot of the great fir tree, under a canopy of more than 70,000 LEDs.

Neumarkt Christmas Market

The Angels Market at the "New Market" entrances with decorative stars of oakwood and a starlight glow from hundreds of lights in the trees. With a bit of luck, visitors might even encounter "real live angels", who stand at the Engelstor (Angels' Gate) and usher you in to an extraordinary Christmas experience.

Cologne Carnival

The most important carnival dates

  • Women's Carnival Day: 8th February 2018
  • Rose Monday: 12th February 2018
  • Carnival Tuesday: 13th February 2018
  • Ash Wednesday: 14th February 2018

The carnival season takes place predominantly between the New Year and Ash Wednesday. However, carnival revellers celebrate the start of the carnival season on the 11th day of the 11th month bang on 11.11 a.m.

From Women's Carnival Day ("Weiberfastnacht") the Thursday before Rose Monday until Carnival Tuesday, an established routine of gatherings, balls and processions rolls by, and halls, pubs and bars ring out with the sound of celebrations, singing and dancing. Throughout Cologne, normal everyday life is suspended during this time and many institutions are closed.

Cologne Lights on the banks of the Rhine

21st July 2018

In the vast lawns of the Rhine park, visitors will encounter a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, without any hustle and bustle. From the Cologne Rhine park you can enjoy a first-class view of the large firework display synchronised with music in front of the Tanzbrunnen theatre, which starts at around 11.30 p.m.


22nd to 25th August 2018

gamescom in Cologne is the world's largest trade fair and top event for interactive games. At gamescon 2016, more than 345,000 visitors made digital voyages of discovery. And the journey continues.

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