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Maritim Hafenhotel Rheinsberg

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Rheinsberg Palace

Rheinsberg castle | Maritim Hotel Rheinsberg

The history of Rheinsberg can be traced back to the 12th century. It is closely linked to the "Rhinburg", a palace of the same name that was built to reinforce the border with Mecklenburg. In 1734, King Friedrich Wilhelm I bought the palace, which had been recently restored, and laid the foundation stone for the palace's famous park.

The palace was home to descendants of the Prussian royal family until 1923 and was extended several times and also had a theatre added to it. Today, the palace, in its picturesque lakeside setting, is the impressive backdrop to many cultural events. The then lord of the manor, Prince Heinrich, built a theatre in the park there as far back as 250 years ago. The stage is hidden away behind trees on the fringes of the pleasure garden. Instead of the usual painted wooden scenery typical of the Baroque style, beech hedges were planted on both sides of the tapered stage. The hedges are not just visually appealing, but virtually form side-entrances to the theatre. Guided tours through the open-air theatre, known as the Heckentheater, will be offered for the first time at performances in August.

Tickets are available through the Rheinsberg Tourist Information Centre (pre-booking available). Telephone +49 (0)33931 39296 or +49 (0)33929/70258.


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