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Maritim Jolie Ville Resort & Casino Sharm El Sheikh

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Home to approximately 60,000 people, Sharm El Sheik is located on the southern coastal tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Bordered by the Mediterranean in the north and the Red Sea in the south, the Sinai Peninsula forms a land bridge between Africa and Southwest Asia.
Sharm El Sheik is a water sports paradise with a practically limitless number of aqua-related activities on offer. The Red Sea enjoys a worldwide reputation for its superior scuba diving, snorkelling and windsurfing. With its pulsating nightlife, fabulous shopping and numerous restaurants, Sharm El Sheik is the region's biggest and noblest seaside resort.

The Coloured Canyon

As the name suggests, the Coloured Canyon is a natural trench of various hues. Depending on the time of day, the shimmering, multicoloured sandstone walls show off their numerous tones including white, yellows, browns and amazing variations of red.

Ras Muhammad and St. Catherine's Monastery

Ras Muhammad

The east coast has a number of beautiful nature reserves and one of the most magnificent of these is located only 20 km away: the Ras Muhammad National Park. Among other features, the area is home to over 150 types of coral and one of the world's largest oceanic reserves.

St. Catherine's Monastery

Visiting the centre of Sinai can be a biblical experience - as Moses can attest. According to the Old Testament, it was here on Mount Sinai that God gave him the Ten Commandments. At the base of the mountain lies the world's smallest diocese: the Greek Orthodox St. Catherine's Monastery. The labyrinth-like fortress and the icon collection within are well worth the trip.

The Suez region and north Sinai

Those wishing to drive along the Suez Canal right up to the peninsula's northern coast to Port Said can hire a car to do so. The Great Bitter Lake is the widest section of the canal and a great place to take in the scenery.

Nile river cruise

Combine your holiday with a cruise along the Nile and discover the mystical sights of Ancient Egypt lining its banks. There's no better way to enjoy the Nile's wonderful landscape or the impressive testaments to time built along its winding waters.

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