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Maps & Transportation

Roadmap WuhuIn the middle of the vibrant Phoenix City development area in the Sanshan district southwest of Wuhu and 100 km southwest of Nanjing is the new build, luxury hotel located to welcome its guests. The airport Wuhu just offers a few national flights within China. The two international airports, which are relatively nearby, are Hefei and Nanjing, which are both connected with every big Chinese city.

The German Lufthansa offers a direct flight from Frankfurt to Nanjing. Additionally Wuhu is accessible via train, as well as the airports. The cheapest and fastest possibility to travel in and around Wuhu is via bus. There are regular connections to Nanjing and Hefei, Tongling and Ma’anshan, with less than 2 hours travel time. A tour to Shanghai is offered several times a day with a conditioned bus.


Maritim Hotel Wuhu
Sanshan District
241000 Wuhu, Anhui Province


Nanjing-Lukou International Airport:  130 km
Exhibition hall/fair centre:  10 km
Main station:  16 km

Route Wuhu