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Maritim Hotel Hefei

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Places of interest

Memorial Temple of Lord Bao

Lord Bao Park is named after a famous official of the Northern Song Dynasty. The park has a temple, in the middle of which sits a statue of Bao Zheng. Along with the memorial, the park's other attractions include a pavilion with a well, a tower and a floating village with Hui-style buildings.

Sanhe Ancient Town

Sanhe Ancient Town is located 32 km from Hefei and is a typical water town on the Yangtze River. Sanhe was once the region's biggest port and home to many large shops, among them Tongxinglong Shop. The complex comprises a business premises, an inn, an incense house – where the owners would honour their ancestors – and the residence. Another of the town's attractions is DaFu Mansion. This is a private residence belonging to officials of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The mansion is decorated with traditional Chinese furniture. In spring, Peach Blossom Island becomes a sea of peach blossoms.

Anhui Provincial Museum

As the provincial capital, Hefei has a museum dedicated to the history of the region. The museum houses relics from a number of ancient dynasties.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden has a well-maintained bonsai pavilion and numerous plant species. Cosy tea houses serving some of the best teas in Anhui Province invite you to relax and stay a while.

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