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Anniversary breakfast promotion


To get your day off to the best possible start, all Maritim Hotels in Germany offer a sumptuous signature breakfast buffet. Throughout our anniversary year of 2019, you can enjoy a breakfast bonus with new additions to our buffet every couple of months.

How about a delicious smoothie, freshly cooked pancakes with syrup or original Black Forest ham?

This delicious dish is new! Try it today, and look out for another new dish next month.

Dishes from the past to the present

Maritim burger

This promotion pays tribute to Maritim's flavoursome favourites over the last five decades. Denoted by a green chef's tongue in our menu, these are the meals that were ordered most often, readily recommended and savoured by so many.


1980: Free-range beef tartare with baked fennel and classic trimmings


1970: Clear ox tail soup with sticks of cheesy pastry


1970: Vol-au-vents with a fine ragout and Sauce Hollandaise

Main courses

1970: Wiener schnitzel with roasted potatoes and salad

1970: "Madagascar-style" beef filet in a green pepper gravy with string beans and au gratin potatoes

1980: Beef roulade with julienned vegetables and mashed potatoes

1990: Pan-fried sole with green asparagus and chervil potatoes

2000: Maritim Burger with Homestyle fries

2010: Vegan lasagne with roast tomatoes and a herb-cress salad


1970: "Coupe Danmark" vanilla ice-cream with a warm chocolate sauce

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